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Highly Effective Tips For Local Real Estate Marketing

Highly Effective Tips For Local Real Estate MarketingPosition yourself as the go-to source for local real estate info.

Now that the larger real estate directory sites like Zillow, Trulia, and dominate the top spots in home search results, local and hyperlocal real estate marketing is proving to be the most effective way for real estate agents to connect with potential customers online. Achieving one of the top search ranking spots on broader city-wide terms such as “Fort Lauderdale homes for sale” has become effectively impossible for an individual real estate agent. Actually, gaining a spot anywhere on the first page of search results is pretty much out of the reach of individual agents. You’re not out of the game, yet, though. By leveraging your local knowledge and focusing on the individual neighborhoods in your community, you can establish a powerful online presence for your real estate agency. 

  • Turn your website into the top source for local real estate info
    When real estate clients are considering the purchase of a home, they want to know as much as possible about the experience of living in that neighborhood. Your insider knowledge of the local community is a valuable resource that the large nationally based real estate directories can’t match. Using your specialized knowledge and these highly effective tips for local real estate marketing, you can establish your website as the best place for local neighborhood information – and make the move to the top of local real estate search results.
  • Create local mini-Neighborhood sites within your website – Help home buyers fully visualize the experience of living in your local neighborhood with miniature “sites within a site”. For each of the local neighborhoods or subdivisions in your community, create a complete mini-site with subpages that provide valuable local information; include IDX listings of local properties so visitors can find their new home without leaving your local webpage.
  • Write informative blogs about your local community
    Feature items of relevant local interest in your weekly blog, focusing on a single neighborhood or subdivision each week. Write easy to read blogs that convey the local information that potential home buyers are interested in, such as school information; area “Best of…” listings for restaurants, local attractions, nightlife, etc.; and community issues.
  • Use real estate social marketing strategies to establish your local authority
    Employ the full range of social marketing channels: create a dedicated YouTube Channel, tweet featuring video tours of lo for local listings, Link your social media posts and your YouTube channel to your real estate website and blog to create coordinated real estate interactive marketing strategies that will establish you as the real estate authority on the local community as a whole.
  • Apply local SEO strategies
    To achieve the high search engine ranking your site needs to get noticed, you will need to apply local real estate SEO strategies. Select tightly targeted local keywords that focus on individual neighborhoods, even single subdivisions in your local community. Next, optimize your site with these keywords, including them in your page titles, site content, video and picture alt tags, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Utilize offline marketing channels to attract local customers
    Don’t concentrate so hard on local online real estate strategies that you neglect the more traditional offline marketing tools! Utilize all the available channels to reach local real estate clients, including Open Houses, direct mail postcards, and community charity functions to meet members of the local community.

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