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Realtor Marketing Ideas for 2015

Realtor Marketing Ideas for 2015As we begin the New Year, digital technology use has become so pervasive that realtors now have an unprecedented opportunity to reach potential clients as they access the Internet to work, play, relax, and learn. This online opportunity means that realtors who know how to harness the marketing might of the Internet are going to be the big winners in 2015. There are a wide range of real estate interactive marketing tools you can use to present your properties and your services in a positive light – incorporate as many as possible into your real estate marketing plan to achieve the best results. We’ve included a few realtor marketing ideas for 2015 to get you started:

  • Create visual video stories on YouTube
    With Millennials set to enter the housing market this year, video real estate marketing is going to become one of the best ways to market real estate in 2015. You don’t need a professional video crew to shoot engaging videos, just a smartphone equipped with high-quality HD video capabilities and some imagination. Create a branded YouTube channel, customized with your company’s logo, colors, and info, and fill it with engaging videos of local areas of interest, school and park walkthroughs, and thrilling lifestyle clips. Organize your videos into neighborhood playlists, with each playlist creating a visual story of the new wonderful life that awaits home buyers. Include the videos in your Facebook and Twitter postings for the greatest impact.
  • Make your mobile-friendly website the best source for local info
    Home buyers want to know as much as possible about the surrounding neighborhood before they make the commitment to purchase a home, so instead of trying to compete on the crowded South Florida or Miami stage, leverage your local knowledge to make your real estate website the go-to resource for information on East Kendall, Coral Gables, or some other local neighborhood. Feature video walkthroughs of neighborhood areas of interest, write blog postings that showcase the best local clubs and favorite Saturday brunch spots, include local demographics and area info, and provide dates and times of local happenings such as Farmers’ Markets, fairs, and art shows.
  • Create lifestyle Pinterest boards from your listings
    The astronomical growth in the number of Pinterest and Instagram users over the past year is a good indicator of the extensive marketing reach you can achieve with visual real estate marketing strategies in 2015. Create Pinterest boards that showcase your best properties and locations by recreating the experience that residents will enjoy, for instance “best Miami views” shot from the balcony of area condos you have listed, or “breathtaking waterfront sunsets” from your oceanfront listings with links to your listings in each pictures’ info. Drop a picture or two into your Twitter feed and Facebook posts to create cross marketing magic.
  • Turn your open houses into targeted social events
    Glean information from your social media efforts to find out what your key demographic is interested in and approach each open house as if you were throwing a party for that particular group of guests to enjoy. Get creative – if your targeted demographic includes art lovers, turn one of your featured listings into an art gallery for a day! A cross promotion with a local art gallery, where you host a private showing of a popular artist’s work in one of your waterfront listings, creates the ideal opportunity to network with clients while showcasing the property at its elegant best. Promote your open houses using Facebook, Twitter, targeted emails, and postings on your real estate blog.

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