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Commercial Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Commercial Real Estate Marketing IdeasThe commercial real estate market is a highly competitive arena. Knowing how to generate commercial real estate leads online and offline is not enough to ensure your success; in order to become a top commercial real estate agent, you must be able to build the strong, interpersonal relationships that translate into a solid customer base. We’ve compiled our five favorite commercial real estate marketing ideas; they will set you on the path to building the engaged network of clients you need to succeed as a commercial real estate agent in South Florida.

Launch an informative, mobile-friendly commercial real estate website
Make your website the one-stop destination where visitors can learn everything they need to know about leasing, buying, and selling commercial real estate in your local area, along with your local commercial property listings. Organize your website into related sections so that visitors can easily find the information they are looking for, and provide valuable content of interest, including:

  • Commercial real estate tools, like mortgage, sq. footage, and office space calculators
  • Checklists for leasing, purchasing, and buying commercial real estate
  • Specific information on the local market, financing alternatives, etc.
  • Links to useful affiliates, such as commercial mortgage companies, renovators, etc.
  • Lead-generating real estate forms

Write a commercial real estate blog
Successful commercial real estate investors are always on the lookout for relevant, up to date information that can help them succeed in their business. Write a weekly informative blog that provides information and tips on topics related to commercial real estate such as marketing, buying, and moving guides, mortgage and financing alternatives, and monetizing tips for commercial real estate owners. A well-written blog can provide a number of benefits:  it will help attract new visitors to your website, raise your website’s search engine ranking, and help it reach the top of commercial real estate search engine results for your area.
Use social media marketing for commercial real estate
Social media marketing for commercial real estate gives you the opportunity to network with interested investors and entrepreneurs. Concentrate your efforts on the social media platforms most used by investors and business professionals:

  • Google+ – Connect with investors and other professionals interested in commercial real estate. Use Hangouts to host discussions on financing sources, leasing tips, and other related issues.
  • LinkedIn – Earn endorsements to build your authority within the commercial real estate community, and join local LinkedIn discussion groups to meet professionals in your area who are interested in commercial real estate.
  • Twitter – Post 6-8 tweets a day on subjects of interest to your commercial real estate customers: marketing statistics, new commercial short sales and foreclosures, links to short URLs on financing options, and more. Include hashtags, videos, and photos in your tweets to raise your engagement rate and increase shares.

Engage in offline social networking
As a commercial real estate agent, you need a way to meet qualified local business contacts: specifically, to network with motivated entrepreneurs who are starting a new business, expanding their existing one, or looking for new investment opportunities. Joining your local chapters of the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and the Commercial Real Estate Developers Group will provide you with the perfect forum for meeting these individuals. Local investors’ groups can also yield a number of potential clients.

Launch targeted email campaigns
A monthly email newsletter is a great way to keep your agency connected to past clients and inform new prospects of all you have to offer. For the best results, write three separate newsletters, each with information of targeted relevance for those interested in buying, selling, or leasing commercial properties.

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