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Realtor Marketing Plan 2015

Realtor Marketing Plan 2015Are you ready for the marketing challenges your real estate agency will face in 2015? In the fast-paced world of real estate marketing, realtors cannot afford to spend weeks or months developing their marketing plans; they need to have a comprehensive real estate marketing plan in place and ready to implement as soon as the New Year begins.  Realtors will need to concentrate their marketing efforts on online avenues in 2015, as Millennials make their first forays into the real estate market and consumers’ reliance on mobile technology continues to grow. As you develop your realtor marketing plan for 2015, make sure you include provisions to successfully deal with the upcoming digital challenges.

Raise your real estate website’s visibility
Mobile devices have become the preferred way to access the internet, especially for real estate customers who rely on their smartphones and tablets for directions and information to guide their house hunting efforts. Realtor marketing plans in 2015 must include a mobile-friendly responsive real estate web design, optimized so it provides a uniformly high user experience on a variety of mobile devices. Apply SEO (search engine optimization) to raise your search engine ranking, and use web analytics to measure the success of your marketing efforts and adjust your content and ads accordingly.

Connect with contacts using email marketing
Email newsletters are a great way to maintain contact with past clients. Send out a monthly email that includes a few well-written articles. Create different versions targeting buyers, sellers, and renters, and send to the corresponding contact groups for the best results.

Enhance your online profile with reviews
Personal referrals remain one of the best ways for realtors to gain new clients, and in today’s digitally inclined society, online reviews are the virtual equivalent of face-to-face personal referrals and recommendations. Ask your satisfied real estate clients to post a review of your services; videos of the best reviews can be placed on your website.

Engage potential clients through real estate content marketing
Interesting, relevant content disseminated through a variety of internet outlets and social media platforms will be the way to succeed with real estate marketing in 2015. Producing consistently high quality content is one of the best ways to generate real estate leads and engage potential clients. To be successful, your realtor marketing plan should include:

  • Visual Storytelling – Use high-resolution photos and video tours of your properties and the local schools, play grounds, walking tours, and other neighborhood areas of interest to tell the story of the idyllic life in store for viewers who purchase your listed properties. When posted to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, these visual stories will have an impact far greater than words alone could ever produce.
  • Social Media Marketing – Maintain a consistent social media publishing schedule on the most popular platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linked In. Use a content calendar that details what and when to post, and employ a social media management program such as Hootsuite that lets you upload all your content at once and schedule posts throughout the day.
  • Real Estate Blog – This is your most powerful tool for attracting traffic to your website. Employ your real estate expertise and knowledge of the local information to come up with real estate blogging ideas of interest to potential clients such as local community information and area demographics, helpful real estate tips, and marketing information for sellers and buyers.

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