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SEO Real Estate Tips

SEO Real Estate TipsIs your real estate website getting the notice it deserves? You may have the most attractive real estate website design in South Florida, but if your website is lacking the key ingredients that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo catalogue, it is going to languish on the last page of their search results where your target clients will never see it. To get the web traffic you need to succeed, your real estate website will need to have search engine optimization (SEO) strategies applied to increase the organic traffic from the major search engines. While these strategies will not raise your website’s ranking overnight, with sustained effort you can build a steady stream of search engine traffic that will generate real estate leads on a consistent basis. Apply the following real estate SEO tips to get your real estate website to the high search engine ranking it deserves:

1. Local Content and Local Links
The best way to set yourself apart from the larger national sites is by carrying local content that is highly relevant to the Broward real estate clients you seek. Establish Neighborhood and Community pages with relevant local information, including area restaurants, schools, and other topics of local interest, with links to the pertinent websites. Use your real estate blog to highlight local occasions, attractions, and outings, posting information of local interest that will bring in visitors and encourage other sites to link to your info, building the links that are so important to search rankings.

2. Consistently Fresh, Relevant Content
Consistency of fresh content is one of the factors that Google considers when assigning search rankings. When you update your site with weekly or bi-weekly blog posts and other fresh content on a regular schedule, Google will crawl your site more frequently, raising your site’s search engine ranking and helping to generate the real estate website traffic that is so essential for your success.

3. Carefully Placed IDX integration
You can use IDX integration to raise your Broward real estate website’s profile by integrating IDX features throughout the various pages in your site rather than isolating them in their own section. For instance, your Coconut Grove Neighborhood page could show some listings from that area, but also include links to specific types of homes (Coconut Grove condos, single family homes, etc.) in that area. This approach makes home searches more intuitive for visitors while building valuable links throughout your site’s subpages.

4. High Quality Resources
To bring in repeat visitors and generate independent visitors to your site, develop some high-quality resources that deliver valuable information to Broward area residents such as a local school directory, moving guides, a how-to manual on purchasing investment properties, information on local resources, etc. As other sites link to the resources you offer, it creates the high-ranking subpages that will raise your site’s search engine ranking and generate real estate leads.

5. Get the Social Shares that Raise Rankings
The social media marketing real estate agents engage in serves a dual purpose; in addition to producing buzz about your business, it can generate the non-search engine traffic that Google rewards with higher search engine results. Building a following on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter will help your website get the higher ranking it needs to bring in more traffic and increase the number of real estate leads it generates.

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