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Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Social Media

Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Social MediaSocial media marketing has emerged as one of the best ways in Miami real estate professionals can engage with prospective clients. Today’s technologically proficient real estate pros are using social media to achieve great successes in lead generation, brand building, and sales. If you are one of the reluctant agents who have yet to take advantage of these innovative marketing tools, it is easier than you might think. We have assembled a few real estate marketing ideas for social media that will help you effectively establish a presence and utilize the marketing might of some the most widely used social media platforms. While there are an ever-growing number of social media platforms from which to choose, we will be focusing our efforts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing with Facebook
As the world’s largest social network, Facebook offers an unprecedented opportunity for Miami realtors to reach a large circle of prospective clients. For most people, purchasing a home is not an instantaneous decision. It is a long, protracted process, so you need to keep your prospective clients engaged for an extended period of time. Facebook allows you to nurture a long-term relationship; by getting viewers to Like your Page, then publishing short pithy posts that are relevant to real estate buyers and sellers, you can keep their interest.

You can easily build a Facebook fan base for your real estate firm using Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are some of the easiest and most effective real estate social media advertising campaigns you can run. You simply log into the Facebook Ads creator, create an ad or newsfeed targeting people in Miami by city name or zip code, and select targeting options that describe your ideal clients. That is all it takes to have instant access to a targeted audience of qualified people who fit your ideal parameters.

Using Twitter to Run Real Estate Social Media Campaigns in Miami 
Once your Facebook campaign is established, incorporating Twitter is a great way to boost engagement with your prospective Miami area real estate clients. While it is typical to post only one Facebook status per day, on Twitter multiple daily posts are much more common. This allows you to get out your social media marketing message several times a day, which is why Twitter is one of the quickest ways to establish a relevant following. Using scheduling tools, you can program Twitter Ads to run throughout the day. Twitter Ads run on keywords, so once yours are active, every time someone looks up one of your keywords on Twitter in the Miami area they will be prompted to follow you.

Incorporating LinkedIn into your Real Estate Social Media Strategy in Miami
LinkedIn is the ideal place for real estate professionals to build brand equity, find new connections, and network with other professional members. Purchasing a home is a major investment, and Miami buyers want to work with a competent, experienced real estate professional they feel they can trust. On LinkedIn you can connect with other industry leaders and build up your profile with details of your experience and qualifications. As you collect recommendations and endorsements that reflect your expertise, prospective clients are able to view you in the best possible light.

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