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Top 5 Real Estate SEO Tips

Real Estate SEO Tips

How to raise your search rank: top 5 real estate SEO tips

Has your real estate website pulled a disappearing act? We have some real estate SEO tips that will help The large real estate directories such as Zillow and Trulia now dominate the top spots in many real estate related search results, making it difficult for independent real estate agents to gain and maintain their online visibility. Since 90 percent of home buyers turn to the Internet during their property search, gaining a higher search rank for your real estate website is not just important; it should be an absolute priority. To help you gain increased visibility for your online marketing efforts, we have put together a collection of our top 5 real estate SEO tips:

1. Schedule and implement an SEO plan of action

Search engine optimization needs to be performed on an ongoing in order to be effective. Real estate agents who establish an SEO plan of action and perform maintenance on a regular schedule are able to achieve a consistently higher position in search results.

2. Switch to a hyperlocal SEO strategy

Now that Zillow, Trulia, and the other massive real estate directories have captured the top spots for the most popular real estate-related terms on Internet searches, the most effective way to reach home buyers and sellers is through tightly targeted local and hyperlocal keywords and phrases. Hyperlocal SEO strategies put the focus on individual communities, using search terms that incorporate names for local neighborhoods, regions, and areas rather than broader search terms such as “Fort Lauderdale real estate”. This real estate SEO strategy will help you attract customers interested in homes and properties close to you.

3. Feature local-themed videos and photos

Video can play an important role in real estate SEO strategies. Create a series of videos focusing on your local area, featuring original content that will be of interest to anyone considering a home purchase, such as walk-through tours of the neighborhood and virtual tours of prime local properties. Incorporate hyperlocal keywords in the title, description, ALT tags, and Meta description of your real estate videos. Once you optimize your videos for local search, publish them on your website and have Google and the other search engines crawl the videos to get the biggest real estate SEO boost for your efforts.

4. Add a real estate blog

When you add a well-written real estate blog to your website, you gain a powerful SEO tool that will help improve your website’s visibility in several ways. A daily or weekly blog provides you with a way to add the latest trending keywords and phrases to your website.

5. Use the full range of online real estate marketing strategies

One of the key things to remember about internet marketing for real estate agents is that all of your online strategies should be used to support each other. When you put the full range of real estate internet marketing strategies to work as part of a coordinated campaign, you can gain a big SEO boost for your website. Prime examples include using email marketing to attract new visitors and build domain authority, and sending social media posts to attract visitors and create backlinks.


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