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The Importance of Effective Real Estate Web Design

Make Your First Impression Online Count With An Effective Real Estate Web Design

The Importance of Effective Real Estate Web DesignAs a real estate agent, you wouldn’t want to enter a home with potential buyers and immediately see clutter, dirt, mold, stains, or holes in walls, right?  That would crush your credibility at the outset.  The same holds true with you website.  It has to sparkle and let the viewer know they’re in capable hands.  Thus, the importance of effective real estate web design.

Real Estate Website Design:

Let’s start with search engine optimization (SEO), because everything to follow is like that refinished bathroom or granite countertops with regards to SEO.  Keywords are critical in boosting your ranking for those searching for a realtor or home on the web.  People will be typing in certain words they want in a new house.  They won’t be typing in a sentence like, “I wonder if my new dream home will be big and pretty and have trees out front.”  They’ll be punching in clear, direct terms, and your site has to have those in there.  The right information on your webpage will escalate you to a higher ranking.  And face it, in this day and age no one has the patience or attention span to go to page 3, 4, or 5 on a Google search.

Visuals, Not Just Words:

Seems pretty obvious, but visuals like photos, videos and virtual tours will speak a thousand words.  Highlight your listings with high quality visuals that will give that potential buyer the reason they need to call you.  Don’t make them wait for a reason; otherwise, they will likely go to a competitor.  You want that 6% commission, don’t you?  That’s rhetorical.  Content with images receives 94% more viewership than just content alone.  That’s a whole bunch of sit-downs at the closing table you could be having.

Have A Responsive Webpage, And They’ll Respond:

With 89% of new home buyers using their mobile devices, it’s absolutely imperative your webpage be a responsive one.  What that means is that your site has to transcend beyond the desktop or laptop.  The look, consistency, and ease of navigation have to be the same whether the viewer is at home or bopping around town looking for a house to buy.  Google will also reward a responsive webpage by boosting its placement.  For Sale Marketing is an agency that can assist with making sure your site is a responsive one, as well as any other Fort Lauderdale real estate web design needs.

Be Very Calculating:

Widgets, or applications, are useful tools for the prospective client.  It’s a fantastic resource for a viewer looking to purchase a home to have a mortgage calculator at his or her disposal.  This helps them figure out what they can or cannot afford, and it can streamline the entire process.  You can also put useful tips and trends on your website that will enable your future homeowner to be ready to go with the right information they need once you start showing.

Being on-the-ball and in-the-know when you do get around to showing a property makes you a prime time player in the real estate field.  But, guiding potential buyers to you with an engaging real estate web design can be equally effective in boosting not only your sales, but your position above the competition in search engines.  With nearly a half million realtors in this country, you need every advantage you can get.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to For Sale Marketing for any assistance you need at (954) 866-1118.