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Responsive Real Estate Web Design: How to Win With Google’s New Update

Responsive Real Estate Web Design: How to Win With Google's New UpdateResponsive web design just became your real estate agency’s best friend. There’s no question that responsive real estate websites are a valuable tool for real estate agencies. They allow you to keep home buyers engaged with your agency while they are out touring neighborhoods and actively looking for open houses and homes to visit. Later this month, however, mobile friendly websites stop being a useful real estate tool and become an absolute necessity. On April 21, Google is enacting an algorithm update that adds mobile-friendliness to its list of search ranking signals. What this means is that after that deadline, any website that doesn’t meet Google’s mobile-friendly standards will be penalized with a lower rank on search results. For a real estate agent, that lowered ranking could spell disaster. Imagine how much business your real estate agency will lose if clients can’t find you on the Internet! Upgrading to  a responsive real estate web design now will allow you to emerge a winner from  Google’s newest update.

What are some of the winning features offered by responsive real estate web design?
By updating your website to a responsive real estate web design, you’ll not only meet Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines, you ‘ll come out a real estate winner! Responsive web design provides a host of top real estate features that will help you establish a strong mobile presence, including:

  • On-the-Go Convenience
    One of the best times to connect with real estate customers is when they are actively engaged in their home search. If you can keep customers engaged and interacting with your website throughout their search process, you will be able to generate more real estate leads online. With responsive real estate web design, you can incorporate features that will enable customers to perform all the on-the go tasks involved in house hunting in one convenient place.  Home buyers can search for listings, find directions to the houses they want to view, research additional information on listings, access open house listings, and more, without ever leaving your site.
  • Easy navigation and readability
    With a responsive real estate web design, all of the design, type, and navigation elements are automatically resized so their dimensions are the best fit for the user’s device. This is a critical feature that eliminates many of the difficulties that can occur with mobile devices, such as buttons that are too small or too tightly spaced to work with thumbs. Fonts automatically resize as well, so your real estate customers can easily read listing information.
  • Flawless property viewing on every device
    When home buyers are searching online for properties, they want to be able to view accurate representations of the houses, surrounding grounds, and any amenities. With a standard website that’s not optimized for mobile, pictures can become stretched or pinched, presenting a distorted view that makes it hard to distinguish details. The large, showy photos that real estate agents use for their premium featured listings are often sized so large that they do not fit in most mobile devices’ viewports, so searchers are forced to scroll left and right to try to see the entire image. When you have a  responsive real estate website, pictures are automatically resized to the optimum dimensions for the device on which they are viewed. Whether home buyers access your site using a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, they will be able to view all your listing photos in perfect clarity and detail.
  • Preferred by Google
    Google loves responsive web design. Citing such features as reduced load times and the ability to minimize the common mistakes that affect mobile sites, Google actually recommends responsive web design as their preferred website format. Since Google is in charge of indexing your site and ranking it in search results, using their preferred format is a smart design decision.

Don’t let Google’s April 21st deadline send your real estate website to the bottom of search results! The design team at For Sale Marketing is ready to create a responsive real estate web design that will meet Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines while providing you with a full list of essential real estate features.  We will incorporate complete support for your real estate interactive marketing strategies including lead generating forms, dynamic content, expert SEO strategies, and more.

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