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Local SEO Real Estate Marketing Tips

Local SEO Real Estate Marketing TipsThis blog focuses on Real Estate SEO: local SEO Marketing Tips. It’s no secret that homebuyers are turning to the internet for their home searches  in increasing numbers; in fact, research shows that 90% of buyers now use the internet when searching for their new home, and 53% of them actually begin their search online. These figures make it clear that using a real estate website to engage in online marketing is not just a good way to reach new clients, it is an essential component of successful South Florida real estate agents’ marketing arsenals. One of the most successful strategies real estate agents can employ to build traffic to their site is local SEO. Local SEO for real estate marketing involves focusing on a specific segment of your local market as a means to bring your real estate website to Google search engine ranking prominence far faster than could otherwise be achieved.

Tightly Target Local Keywords
Instead of loading your site down with keywords for the entire Miami/South Florida area, tightly target your keywords on one specific area. Forget going after South Florida for now; leave Miami dreams behind until you have built your business. For now, focus your marketing your real estate website focusing on just a single neighborhood, such as Pinecrest. This may seem counter-intuitive at first because you want to build your real estate agency into Miami’s top producer, but there is a plethora of Miami real estate agents fighting to get noticed, and you can climb up the search engine rankings much faster on this smaller local stage.

Incorporate Video and Photos that are of Value to Local Clients
Featuring videos tours of the beautiful local homes you have for sale is a great way to add color to the pages of your real estate website, but for dynamic content that will generate heavy site traffic you will need to think a little differently. A video tour of the local park, with a walk-through showing the baseball fields or an after-hours walk-through of the local grade school is the type of unique content that can raise your local search engine ranking quickly. As an added bonus, pairing this one-of-a-kind local parent-targeted content with area listings of available homes could serve as a textbook perfect example of how to generate real estate leads online, as interested parents who come to view the school tour will follow up with requests for information on your listings!

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
Today’s homebuyers are on the go shoppers who  use their tablets and smartphones to search for properties as they travel through their busy day. Your website should be mobile friendly, with each page containing fresh, relevant content that is correctly optimized with local keywords and updated regularly.

Write Real Estate Blog Posts on your Best Homes
Writing detailed blog posts on your favorite local properties gives you an easy opportunity to secure more real estate website traffic, because the address itself serves as your keyword. Make certain you follow SEO best practices when naming all the content on your post, using the keyword throughout the post, on photo file name and ALT tag, and throughout the content of the blog itself. Write an original description yourself, rather than reusing the standard listing, to ensure you have the original content needed to count towards SEO rankings.

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